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Hcraft About Us

H.Craft Fine Jewellery is a unique collaboration between two people, a husband-wife duo, Darshika and Harshad Ajoomal.

Darshika has studied textiles and embroidery design from St. Gallen in Switzerland. She credits living in Europe and her Asian roots for her distinctive sense of style.

Harshad Ajoomal apprenticed in jewellery workshops from a young age and has been a high end jewellery designer and craftsman for over 20 years, selling under his eponymous label H.Ajoomal Fine Jewellery. Over the years he has developed an impeccable eye for detail and has seen his designs being handpicked by high profile clients from all over the world.

Darshika and Harshad have their own original approach to design and derive inspirations from exotic cultures, art, architecture, graffiti , street and resort fashion. The result of this creative harmony is jewellery that’s classic yet contemporary and lyrical.

Today's woman leads a fast life. She needs versatility and simplicity. "I want to wake up and wear jewellery that is aesthetically pleasing, yet easy to wear throughout the day, morning to night, without going to my bank locker to remove any of my trousseau pieces or heavy jewellery. I want real jewellery which I can change ever so often," says Darshika.

Together their collaborative works are seeking to narrow the gap between fashion and jewellery, resulting in magical pieces which are eclectic, playful and designed to be mixed, matched and layered. As Harshad says, "Throw out your mother’s jewellery rules and have some fun."

All H.Craft pieces are handcrafted, made with material and gems that are naturally found in the earth’s surface and are ethically sourced.