Returns Policy

Answer: Once the product is returned under our 7 Day Money Back policy the refund will be credited to your  account. The amount will be credited to the payment source (Credit Card/Debit Card /Net Banking).You may also choose to exchange the product. This is, however, applicable for orders within India only.
For International orders, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250.
Answer:Contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250.

For returns, we can only accept the product without custom engraving, in its original good condition and with the certification and supporting original invoice. Further returned products should not show signs of wear.

In-store purchases to be returned instore only. Online purchases may be returned by courier with prior notice or instore.

As soon as we receive your request we will courier you a tamper proof package. This will come pre-printed with our return address and unique serial number. It will also have your Name and Address on the outside return area.

Secure your jewellery with the original packing materials and certificate in the tamper proof package provided by H.CRAFT. Note that once the package is sealed, it cannot be opened unless destroyed.

Once your package is ready, just contact our customer care team and we will send a courier to pick it up from you.

In some locations, it may so happen that our logistic partners do not offer a reverse pick up. In such a case, we will share the nearest location of our logistic partner where you can drop your tamper proof package of H.CRAFT jewellery.

You will not be charged anything for this return shipping, it is as per our policy.

Once your returned item is received by H.CRAFT, your refund or new item will be processed.

Customers are advised to check our return/exchange policy before confirming the transaction. There may be some designs that may fall outside our customer-friendly standard returns & exchange policy.
Answer: We offer a One Year Exchange Policy on all purchases made from H.CRAFT, within India. The exchange value shall be 75% of invoice value.
For post 1 year exchange, please contact us for exchange value. Currently we offer the One Year Exchange Policy on orders within India only.  


Answer: With regards to sizing of rings & bracelets, if the piece delivered to you is different from the size selected at the time of order, H.CRAFT will correct or replace the same & return. Parcel charges will be borne by us, please note this option is valid for a period of 7 days after you have received the parcel.

If the size is accurate as per selected size & you are not happy with present selected size & wish for a change of size, then H.craft will oblige & charge or refund you if costing of the piece changes. You will bear minimial parcel charges for this action.

The above policy is valid for shipments within India.
For international orders and further details regarding repairs & resizing please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250.  

Shipping Policy

Answer: H.CRAFT provides free shipping on all items within India. For International orders & their custom charges, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250.

All the products will be generally shipped within 7 to 15 business days from the date when the order is placed. For customised orders or larger jewellery pieces it may take little longer. Delivery time will however depend on the courier company and your location.
The Customer has to specify the address and details of the person who will collect the shipment at the time of delivery. At the time of placing the order, the Customer has to state full name of the recipient as stated in his / her government approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient, to collect the physical product, will have to provide any one of the following government approved photo identification card:
Ration Card (should be issued in the name of the Customer / recipient in the case of a gift)
Driver's License
Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
Voters Identification card

Delivery shall be made by the courier agent only after the photo and name of the recipient is verified and confirmed by such courier agent. To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package the courier agent may also note down the details of the government photo identification. The recipient of the package must co-operate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his / her government approved photo identification. In case the Customer wants any other person to receive the delivery on his behalf he / she needs to specify details of the same at the point of ordering only. All items shall be delivered directly to the person as specified at the point of ordering and the Customer cannot (under no circumstances whatsoever) change the recipient details after the order is processed.

After placing an order, the Customer can change the shipping address before the product is actually shipped.
All shipping charges to addresses within India shall be paid for by H.CRAFT JEWELLERY. Recipient accepting delivery should not accept deliveries where the box or packaging has been tampered with or if the box is empty. The recipients receiving the delivery must open the package and check its contents prior to accepting the delivery or signing the delivery receipt.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the courier company shall try and deliver the item thrice before returning the same to H.CRAFT JEWELLERY. All costs for re-shipment and handling in the case of non-delivery shall be chargeable to the Customer.

Delivery guarantee is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistencies in name or address will result in non-delivery of the product.

Please note that the business days mentioned do not include Sundays and festive holidays.

For International orders and their delivery & custom charges, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250
Answer: We process the national delivery only through reputed insured couriers. If there is no courier service available in your area, we do apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will contact you for alternate shipping address.
For International orders, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250
Answer: By entering your pin code on the product page you will know if we deliver to your pin code. Please perform this check before you order.

For International orders, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250
Answer: Your jewellery is shipped in durable, tamper-proof packing that ensures that the contents remain intact. Your jewellery is fully insured till it reaches your doorstep, and we only work with reputed and established courier services. Please do not accept any package that has been tampered with.
Answer: Yes. For more information, please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250
Answer: Until your order is ready to be shipped, you can change the shipping address. Please contact us at
For orders that are ready for dispatch, we will be able to reship it to your new address as soon as the consignment is returned back to us.
However, for international deliveries, we will not be able to reship the product to your new address.

For further details regarding shipping please contact us at or +91-9820579988, +91-22-26418250


Answer: You can make your jewellery even more special by having it engraved with a personal message, a significant date or initials.

To have a piece engraved, select ‘Engraving’ at the checkout. The cost is INR 500 for the first 10 characters. For bespoke engraving and longer messages please contact

Please allow an additional 2 days for delivery for engraved pieces. 

Regrettably, we are unable to accept returns on engraved or made to measure pieces. If you have any concerns about returns or delivery times, we suggest you order it without engraving – we will be very happy to engrave it for you later. 

We will revert back to you if you have selected engraving and your piece of jewellery does not have the space required for such engraving.  

Measure Guide

Answer: Accurately measuring your finger for its ring size is very simple. There is a standard conversion scale, and the same scale is used for both men and women. Note that it's best to measure your finger later in the day; fingers do swell a bit and you might have trouble removing a ring if you don't take this into account when sizing

Things you will need

1. Ruler
2. Thin Strip of paper /string/thread

Answer: This is a chart that will be extremely helpful for you to determine the ring size that you need. You can either make use of a tape or a small piece of string/paper/ thread to measure the area that will be occupied by the ring. When it becomes a complete circle, make a mark on such string/paper/ thread. This will be helpful for you to compare with the chart that is mentioned below. For extra width, you can add another size to accommodate.


1. Cut a thin strip of paper/ thread.
2. Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.
3. Mark the spot where the paper/thread meets and measure the distance with your ruler.
4. Use the following chart to determine your ring size. Rings also come in half sizes, the measurements of which, of course, will fall somewhere in between the whole sizes

(Total Length  of Paper / Thread)
(Total Length  of Paper / Thread)
  Inches MM Inches MM
1 1.61 40.80 0.51 12.99
2 1.66 42.10 0.53 13.41
3 1.69 43.00 0.54 13.69
4 1.73 44.00 0.55 14.01
5 1.77 44.90 0.56 14.30
6 1.81 45.90 0.58 14.62
7 1.86 47.10 0.59 15.00
8 1.89 48.10 0.60 15.32
9 1.93 49.00 0.61 15.61
10 1.97 50.00 0.63 15.92
11 2.00 50.90 0.64 16.21
12 2.04 51.80 0.65 16.50
13 2.08 52.80 0.66 16.82
14 2.13 54.00 0.68 17.20
15 2.16 55.00 0.69 17.52
16 2.20 55.90 0.70 17.80
17 2.24 56.90 0.71 18.12
18 2.28 57.80 0.73 18.41
19 2.33 59.10 0.74 18.82
20 2.36 60.00 0.75 19.11
21 2.40 60.90 0.76 19.39
22 2.44 61.90 0.78 19.71
23 2.47 62.80 0.79 20.00
24 2.51 63.80 0.80 20.32
25 2.55 64.70 0.81 20.61
26 2.60 66.00 0.83 21.02

Answer: Indian Bangles are sized by their diameter, which is a measure of the length of a straight line passing through the centre of the bangle, terminated at both ends on the circumference of the bangle. The unit of measurement is inches.

An inch is further divided into 16 sections. So, when we say the bangle size is 2-8, it means the diameter of the bangle is 2 full inches plus 8 sections of the total 16 sections of the inch. This effectively converts to 2 inches + 8/16 inches, which is 2 inches plus half an inch. I.e. 2.5"

The table below will help you know the right size for your Indian bangle

(Total Length  of Paper / Thread)
(Total Length  of Paper / Thread)
  Inches MM Inches MM
2 - 2 (2 2/16") 6.67 169.4 2.125 54.0
2 - 4 (2 4/16") 7.06 179.6 2.250 57.2
2 - 6 (2 6/16") 7.46 189.5 2.375 60.3
2 - 8 (2 8/16") 7.85 199.4 2.500 63.5
2 - 10 (2 10/16") 8.24 209.3 2.625 66.7
2 - 12 (2 12/16") 8.64 219.5 2.750 69.9
2 - 14 (2 14/16") 9.03 229.4 2.875 73.0
2 -16 (2 16/16") 9.42 239.3 3.000 76.2


Answer: Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.
Designs may vary slightly.  


Answer: The value of a precious stone is determined by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality.Diamonds and gemstones of similar appearance can have important differences in value. Even experts need powerful analytic tools to detect synthetics, treatments and enhancement processes. A Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for both buyer and seller.

Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world, and should be considered an essential part of any transaction. We take this responsibility very seriously.  
Answer: International Gemological Institute (IGI): It is the result of continuous research, support and synergy with professionals and consumers alike. Around the world, IGI certificates bring confidence when buying or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

IGI is the largest organization of its kind, with offices in Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cavalese, Toronto, Los Angeles, Kolkata, New Delhi, Thrissur, Surat, Chennai and Shanghai . The IGI School of Gemology operates from Antwerp, Mumbai, Dubai and Cavalese, offering a variety of courses designed for professionals and consumer enthusiasts alike.

A certificate from IGI represents the all-important 5th C that no one should be without: Confidence. As the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry, IGI is a standard of excellence for industry professionals and consumers around the globe. Visit their website for more details:

Gemological Institute of India (GII): www.

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL):
Answer: The BIS hallmark is a system that provides certification of gold jewellery that indicates the purity of the metal. This certification authenticates that a piece of gold jewellery purchased, conforms to the standards as laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the national standards organization in India.

This hallmarking of gold jewellery was established in April 2000. The hallmark itself consists of a BIS logo,

a 3 digit number that indicates the gold purity, the logo of the assaying center along with the logo or the code of the jeweller and the code that indicates the hallmarking date.The BIS hallmarking has a high reputation among the jewellery trading industry in India, and is widely accepted by the consumers.

All our jewellery is Hallmarked guaranteeing the gold purity.

Visit their website for more details: